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OMKARA Serives -  9 Step Recruiting Process


1. Analyzing  Job Requirements
Understand the job requirement requested by the employer. OMKARA Services will search for three  to five candidates who fit employer needs.


2. Connecting Candidates
Present the opportunity to qualified candidates. Do not add or hide to the job requirements with the candidate.  


3. Reviewing & Interviewing
Develop relationships with the screened candidates  in order to get to know them.


4. Presenting Candidates
Provide  detail how the candidate fits employer requirements and also assists in scheduling  interviews.


5. Evaluating  Candidate
 it is most critical part here. Omkara discusses candidate strengths and weaknesses as part of our effort to assist employer in making a good hiring decision. OMKARA Services will provide detailed relocation assistance with the custom-tailored cost of living analysis.


6. Preparing Candidate
There are always factors, other than money, that determine a candidate’s preparedness to accept a new position. In this phase, we work closely to identify what it will take to satisfy the candidate


7. Testing Offer
OMKARA Services begin the negotiation process by “feeling out” the candidate’s interest in joining. This increases the likelihood that the final, official offer will be accepted.


8. Negotiating Offer

Negotiating an offer is an emotionally charged task for both interested parties. Working through OMKARA Services can ease the tension between them, by allowing each party to reflect before responding. 


9. Finalizing Details
OMKARA Services can handle all the little things that streamline the transition for new employees.

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Finding the right person for your business is a crucial decision that hinges on the way you search for, select, and interview potential applicants.